Roof Cleaning

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Roof cleaning is not as simple as you thought it is. It is more than just removing visible dirt that piled up overtime. This is why when you need to have your roof cleaned, it is best that you entrust it to the experts. Professional roof cleaning is among our expertise at Newcastle Roof Restore.

Dirty roof is truly an unpleasant sight. Dirt, debris, and other outdoor elements stick on to roof’s surface, and when they are left in there, they stain the roof’s surfaces. Heavy rainfall can sometimes be enough to wash them off. However, there are other stains that are too difficult to remove, and usually these are natural elements such as algae.

At Newcastle Roof Restore, we understand that you might want to do the roof cleaning on your own. But roofing experts highly recommend hiring a pro to get the job done not only to keep the roof in tiptop shape and extend its lifespan, but also for your safety. Roof cleaning is a dangerous and risky task. If you don’t have the right skills, experience, and the right equipment, you might only do more harm than good to both the roof and yourself.

Commonly Asked Questions about Professional Roof Cleaning

  1. Why is roof cleaning important?
    Roof cleaning is important not only to keep maintain the aesthetics of the roofs, but also to save and protect from further damages and deterioration. Leaving dirt, debris, and other natural elements to pile up could cause serious damages that may lead to costly repair.
  1. How does professional roof cleaning work?
    Generally, professional roof cleaning involves pressure washing and chemical cleaning.  Pressure washing is very effective in removing dirt, grime, mould, and algae. It is highly recommended for concrete or metal roofs. When not done correctly, it could damage the shingles.

Meanwhile, chemical cleaning, also referred to as soft washing, uses chemicals for cleaning.  Professionals only use cleaning solutions that are safe to the roofing materials. Choosing the wrong chemical solutions could harm the roofing material and could cause serious damages.

  1. Can I DIY roof cleaning?
    It is possible to do the roof cleaning on your own if you have the skills, experience, and the right supplies. Otherwise, you better leave it to the experts. One of the top concerns in doing roof cleaning on your own is your safety. This is especially true for multiple-story homes and buildings.

Leave It to the Roof Cleaning Experts

Even when you don’t see obvious dirt on your roof, it is always worth checking it and have it cleaned. There might be algae and other harmful elements that are piling up that must be removed. Entrust it to the experts at Newcastle Roof Restore, and you surely won’t go wrong. Give us a call today.