Roof Repair and Repoint

A well-maintained roof is essential to the health and safety of all the occupants and the entire structure as well. If your home or building used cement mortar for the roof pointing, chances are, they already have breaks or cracks if they had been in place for many years. In cases like this, roof tiles could shift or loosen. Roof repair and repoint will help save the roof and the whole structure when done right.

Newcastle Roof Restore also offers roof repair and repoint for commercial and residential clients. Our team is comprised of experienced, skilled, and trained roof repair and repoint professionals who are very meticulous in assessing damages and providing cost-effective solutions to your roofing problems.

How does roof repointing work?

With continuous exposure to harsh weather and other outdoor elements, the cement mortar will eventually give up – cracks will start to show up and will get even bigger as time goes by. These openings are the perfect spot for water and moisture to seep in, which also makes it as a suitable place for mould growth.

Mould spreads easily into the entire structure and could even infiltrate the ductwork. When this happens, your family’s health is compromised. Eliminating mould is even more difficult, and only the pros have the skills and the right equipment to get it done.

Moreover, damaged mortar could loosen roof tiles, which can be highly dangerous when the tiles slide off and fall. The dangers associated with broken and unrepaired mortar are just too many. Repointing is the only solution to all of these problems. It is done by repairing or resealing joints to prevent water, moisture, and other elements to get into the masonry structure that may cause destruction.

Save the Roof, Save Your Home

Repointing is the most cost-effective way to save the entire structure of your home. Investing in professional roof and repoint services is a very smart decision, especially when you entrust it to the experts like Newcastle Roof Restore. 

Our repointing methods combine traditional and the latest methods and solutions available today plus our skills, knowledge, and experience. We make sure every mortar joint is perfectly repaired and will stay in place for many, many years. Choose the experts, choose Newcastle Roof Restore for your entire repair and repoint needs.