Roof Restoration

No matter how expensive the roofing materials are, it will eventually lose its charm after so many years and when it is often exposed to harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements. At some point, you will see signs of damages that already affect its functionality, When this happens, you might have to consider roof restoration.

Roof damages can often be solved with roof restoration, which is a more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire roof with a new one. It is important to understand that damaged, old, outdated roofs may not be replaced right away. Professional roof restoration may be enough.

If you are on a tight budget, you need to do a careful assessment and inspection of the roof before deciding whether you want it restored or replaced. Remember that roof replacement is not cheap. On the other hand, roof restoration can effectively extend the life of your existing roof but without breaking the bank.

So, how do you know your roof needs restoration?

  • Old, rusty, and dirty roof – this is definitely an eyesore. Most likely, these are just build-ups of dirt and debris which may be removed with scraping, power washing, and cleaning with the right cleaning solutions. Unless there are serious damages, roof restoration can solve this problem and make it look like new again. After thorough cleaning, you may opt to repaint to bring back the roof’s colour and life.
  • Damaged ceiling due to water leaks – see those watermarks and stains on the ceiling? It only tells you that the roof, gutters, shingles, or the downspouts already have cracks, breaks, or holes on them. Do not ignore these seem-to-be minor signs as these are only prelude to a much bigger problem.
  • Mould, algae, lichen, moss infestation – they look like they are harmless, but they are not. Not only do they make the roof look ugly, they could also literally bring the roof down when they are left in there to grow and build up. Their presence could mean that the drainage system isn’t doing its job right; therefore, it must be checked and repaired if necessary. Professional roof restoration includes efficient removal of pests and protects the roof from re-infestation.
  • Shingles curling up and cracking – depending on the severity of these damages, roof restoration may be able to correct it. Whenever you see these signs, have it checked and repaired right away, and don’t wait until the only solution left is to have the entire roof replaced with a new one.

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